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About Us

Road Safety Consultant

Our aim is to raise Road safety education for the need to prevent all types of traffic accidents and to reduce accident and injury rates. To achieve this we work on various communication, Defensive driving training and awareness programs on road safety. We segment our target audience by risk factor group (children, young people, adults and the elderly) with increasing attention given to vulnerable groups..

With every vehicle you ply on the roads, whether carrying goods or passengers employees, your organization is exposed to risk in terms of loss/damage of human life, assets, goods as well as brand image..

  • Defensive driving is coupled with meticulous observations of road safety norms. Can reduce, if not eradicate road accidents.
  • The objective will be fulfilled if drivers correctly practice the contents of defensive driving training and correct himself from the mistakes committed by his fellow drivers and ensure that such mistakes are not repeated by you.
  • The objective of defensive driving training is to ensure that your organization is represented by safety educated, aware and safe team of drivers.

Defensive Driving Training (3 Hour)

Defensive Driving Training (DDT) course is specially designed for training licensed drivers. The content and language of course and material are according to the special needs ofall vehicle categories and target audiences i.e. executives, professional drivers, ladies, physically challenged personnel etc. The courses are incorporated with the high level of visual content like photographs, films, graphics and animation for maximum impact. They are conducted with the high level of interaction and participation of trainees.

Our specialized Road safety education(2 Hrs) module for school/college students, cyclist is:

  • Cautionary measures while making use of the road.
  • Walking to school.
  • Cycling to school.
  • School drop-off and pick-ups.
  • Travelling by school buses.
  • Travelling by local conveyance.
  • Formation of road safety club.
  • Travelling by school buses.
  • Awareness of Traffic signages, road markings and traffic signals.


  • ACCIDENTS REDUCE by over 70- 80 %
  • Passengers safety especially children, ladies
  • Enhancement of driver’s positive attitude.
  • FUEL CONSUMPTION can drop by 8-10 %
  • HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY – due to lower down time
  • For the safety of all stakeholders and other road users
  • Brand promotion due to representation by safer drivers
  • Growth in country GDP
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Our Specialized Road Safety Modules are Designed for

  • School and college students, teachers and school bus drivers.
  • Bicyclist, Motor cyclists(Riders) and auto drivers.
  • Four wheeler drivers, executives and Managers
  • Limousine, car rental, ETS and taxi drivers.
  • Van, Bus and coach drivers .
  • Trucks, trailers, tankers, dumpers and all HGV drivers.
  • Specialist vehicle drivers.